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Meet Namrita

Growth Catalyst for Schools and Educators

Hi, I’m Namrita Rathee. I’m a former Head of New Initiatives alongside Head of Elementary .

I am currently enjoying my role as a Instructional Leadership Coach and Teacher Development Coach, on a quest to transform schools into haven of learning for both the educator and the learners..

My personal why of choosing teaching as a line of profession is the awe and wonder that teachers can create in classrooms to build the generation of tomorrow. 

I believe each teacher is an innovator and needs to just be supported the right amount to bring out the creative potential in them.

As for children, each child is unique and each child is creative, in their own way, schools are the dynamic ecosystems that help the child unleash the potential within.

Families play a critical role in the child's development. Parenting is a beautiful and unique role that needs as much support and investment as does a teacher. It is for this reason that I work alongside families in creating unique enabling home environments and bespoke coaching solutions.

I invest a good chunk of my time in reading up and researching various theories and strategies , deconstructing existing successful and not so successful systems, and study real-world examples of progressive education .

Each child has the right to receive quality education, irrespective of economic and physical demographic.

Through the articles and posts I share what I have mastered over the years and am learning. My learning sources other than first hand experiences are the various Professional Development courses that I have attended, the books I have read, blog posts, articles on various websites,  the free resources  on various websites, animated videos, and podcasts.

​During my time as a school leader, I studied, contextualized and designed frameworks around Teacher Evaluation and Development, Digital Literacy, Teaching and Learning, Data Driven Continuous School Improvement and Response to Intervention.

I have designed bespoke Makerspaces, established Preschools and Elementary schools, led school reviews, worked extensively on Teacher Learning and Development and Parent Partnerships.









Right from the start of my teaching journey, I have had the privilege of working with some amazing educators, worked and collaborated with some forward thinking schools, attended some excellent thought provoking seminars and conferences.

In my deep desire to give back to the teaching community I run a Facebook page Teacher Twirls which focuses primarily on teacher wellness. My blog posts too have tried and tested tools to support schools and individuals.

I have had the privilege to speak at few seminars to share about stronger classroom practices and share my vision of the future of learning — one that empowers students to be collaborative, self directed and creative learners. It will be my pleasure if you decide to have me speak at your event on holistic education and Early Years .

If you are interested in having me speak at your event, fill out the form below or email me at

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