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Hang on a wee bit more, You Are Getting There

The last few months have not been easy on each one of us, yet we have hung on in the hope that this too shall pass and during the process we have all emerged as better versions of ourselves. Well what choice did we have rather then press the pause button on the frivolous and focus on what matters.

Last few months had me weigh options, figure out the way ahead and put the plan into action. In midst of all this I misplaced that little inspiration that I had-to write, to share, All I wanted to do was to learn and introspect--learn as I went about observing this new world, observing how each one of us dealt with this uncertain time and to introspect on my own journey. This was my perfect getaway time from the mad mad world into a cocoon where I could just lie low, calm and peaceful. These series are but an assimilation of thoughts and tools that have worked for me and I hope they will work for you too. I have yet to accomplish it all, but Yes, the journey has been worthwhile.

Inspiration comes from the Purpose:

Walking along the river bank, I wondered what is it that gets me going every time I dip, or every time I start afresh, was it money, the fame or the desire to bring about a change. Well it varied at each instance, sometimes it was money, sometimes the impact and sometimes just the excitement and joy that comes from learning something new.

When colleagues, friends or young people reach out and ask what should they do, or say that they are demotivated and if I could help them out, all that I can think of is “ How do they trust me so much, that they are willing to lay open their deepest fears and believe that I can guide them?” I guess I do manage to restore some peace and calm and that’s why they reach out.

So here is my mantra to keep moving inspite of life’s ups and downs—Stay Inspired, find that inspiration in tiny things in life, and YOU have to do it-no one can do it for you. If you really need a buddy to help you stay inspired-look hard at nature and you will find ample inspiration in it.

Nature’s purpose was to maintain harmony and beauty and help us all survive. The Theory of Evolution is evidence for us to get into the scientific bit, for the soul we have to just be calm and look around.

The lonely flower, blooming in midst of the grass, not bothering if it is the only one of its kind on the turf; the tree that loses its leaves in winters and then gets a new set every year; the beauty of the dew drop on the fallen leaves, there is so much magic around us. All we need to do is pause and take out time just to be thankful and joyous about it.

Life will throw its brickbats and golden awards, those are just tiny stops in the journey, the entire journey is something else-mysterious , magical and magnificent. Don’t let the lows hold you down, shake yourself up , go for that walk or just sit out for a few minutes doing nothing but absorbing the free of cost nature’s beauty -where so ever you live-there is always a sunset or sunrise to watch, clouds to look for shapes and stories, raindrops to dampen your palm and the breeze to caress your face. Feel it all, absorb it all and then ask yourself about what is your purpose. It is your purpose, best know to you, don’t let the world define that for you. It is this recognition of your purpose that will drive you to wake up each morning, jump out of bed full of joy and positivity. Nothing and absolutely nothing will deter you from working towards that purpose. Once you define your purpose, figure out how it contributes towards making the world a better place-and don’t let anybody tell you that you are too tiny a piece in the world puzzle. You might be tiny but you complete the puzzle. So go ahead, take the first step, identify your purpose and see how it connects to the larger good that we should all be contributing to keeping this world a beautiful place.

Just Stay Inspired! Write your own story!

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