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My Go To Reference List

Our mindsets will be what will define how we go about in our lives. The bitter truth-the more we grow in age the less adaptable and more rigid we get. It’s the constant connect with self that will help us find our zen space and nobody but we ourselves can help our self. What others can do is provide tools, share strategies and guide but the work is ours to do.

Sharing a few links which are full of nuggets of wisdom. There are many more links on the internet that you can refer to, these are the ones that I enjoyed and gained immensely from, Jay Shetty being one of my favourite inspiring speaker.

1. Connect with your inner self,issues%2C%20and%20inability%20to%20focus

2. Identify, acknowledge and accept your feelings:

3. Read Up, Listen Up or Watch- Stay on top of things

4. Reclaim your Power

5. Journal

6. Tree of Life

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