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Curiosity got the better of me and I set about gathering data on what matters most to individuals. I read researches published by world renowned researchers and companies, all evidences pointed in one direction--Relationships Matter.

They matter to an extent where parents ask teachers to first ensure that their child is well settled in the class, has friends and is able to share thoughts freely and respectfully.

Every teacher wants a class of happy well settled children.

Relationships matter for every Team Leader and Business Owner want members to be Team Players, to collaborate and to communicate effectively.

Relationships matter as every family desires to have an atmosphere of care, respect and a voice for every member.

Whenever I was asked by people what according to me should be the USP of my workplace, prompt came the answer-Relationships. Relationship between all members and between the members and the environment. It would be these thriving relationships that would lead to "Joy at Workplace" and thus achieving the unattainable. The research and surveys helped me validate this belief of mine.

I wonder why in this mad rush to " Be the Best" have we forgotten that there is NO BEST as there will always be someone better that us at something. Let us not strive to BE the BEST among the rest but to BE the VERY BEST Version of our own unique self.

SEL is not just for schools to work upon in a special -Life skills class but is to be the very backbone of all that drives the school curriculum .

Similarly families too need to view SEL as the binding agent for strong family ties. Companies should invest in trainings that enable employees to develop their SEL quotient.

I present in the next few blog posts each component of SEL and embedded are simple tools to help families, schools and individuals.

Let us enable each one we care for to have strong, respectful and caring relationships with self and the world.

Relationships Matter!

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